Store queue freezes

Edit: this is in the new alpha 7

At the small appliance store (near your starting apartment), I was in the queue to buy a mop and fridge. There were two people in front of me, then suddenly the employee stopped working and the queue wouldn’t move forward.

I realized I didn’t actually have enough money to afford what I was trying to buy, but it never actually informed me of this. I removed the fridge and tried to only buy the mop, but it still wouldn’t advance the queue. The whole store is waiting now.

Not sure if it’s related - but right before it happened, I got a popup warning me that my own shop was open but didn’t have employees. That pop up might have broken the queue / employee?

If you need clarification, let me know!

Thanks for reporting!
We have a similar issue reported at Ikea, see

The problem here is that all the other people are queued but frozen, so you’re waiting forever behind them in queue.

For now, it should help to save the game and reload. Then you should be alone in the shop and number one in the queue.

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