Store manager position ideas

As the number of businesses grows, it is difficult to manage them one by one. It would be good to have a manager for each business and manage the managers.

It would be nice to have regular meetings with managers on a weekly or monthly basis, and to give bonuses to managers and employees to increase their happiness.

In addition, I would like to form a relationship with employees. Business is all about people, and it’s a pity that I didn’t form a relationship with my employees even when I was a “startup company.” It would be nice if I could form a relationship with my employees and create a “reputation” that would affect my marketing.

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Once you’re up with HR, Logistics, Purchasing, Warehouse and Deliveries, it basically manages is itself already. I wondered about store managers itself but if the HR managers already handle all of the sick employees and trains them, purchasing ensures you have enough at the warehouse, logistics makes sure you have enough in the store, and driver gets it all placed, there really isn’t much to worry about unless I am overlooking something.

I think meetings would be a fun thing to have as an OPTION but I would not want it forced upon me unless done in a very innovative way that makes it less of a pain to deal with each week. I would love to be able to give bonuses to my good performing stores though. I have some employees doing 48 hour shifts without complaint that I think deserve a raise. Lol.

I think having to form a relationship would be great at the start but become tiresome once you get further along (I can’t help but use the GTAIV friend system and constant requests for bowling).

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No, you’re right, the HQ pretty much manages a lot of that micromanagement stuff for you, so you’re only dealing with the small group instead of every single store!

Shop storage get messy with a lot of partial boxes, let’s cleaners invest the first hour of their turn to clean this mess (also the player could have this option side by side with “manage storage”). Another reason to hire more cleaners.


It all depends on how big your shop is. Storage is a problem if you’re running small stores but once you get to big enough stores, you can just throw 40+ storage shelves in, all stacked next to each other (Don’t have to worry about being able to access them at this point as it is just there to be filled from the warehouse).

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