Store Management/Features around it

Obviously I saw a few posts about this, but none in the way I wanted (and maybe it’s more for flavor than anything else)

I’d like to see a way to assign an employee or employees as “Store Manager” or “General Manager/Assistant Manager” as a shift. To not make it a micromanagement simulator, it can by default just be your player character, but having the option to drop down a couple of desks in a business and assign an employee seems to help immersion factor, and it could do basic things like auto-assign uniforms to employees or auto-assign a “training day” to get an employee off training in the same way they can call out sick. (! Out for training)

Also it could be used to prevent employees from texting you, because if I ran a multimillion dollar business model, I probably wouldnt have cashiers texting me because I forgot to assign them to a task because I was too busy taking 3 hours to park because I keep trying to fit a semi into a spot it doesnt belong in.

Adding on a shortlist:
Shift Type → Manager
Shift Type → Assistant Manager
Required Item: Desk, Computer, Chair
Features: Assign Employee Uniforms, Assign “Training Days” to employees, Account for how many times employees call in sick (maybe can set a threshhold before firing), Adds an alert “Station not in use >3 days”, Tracks customer wants (i.e: "No Music in store, “Needs trash bins”, “Employee missing uniform”, “Price of X too high, Im not paying that” ) Tracks hourly metrics(?) “Employee Retiring Soon.” Keeps daily record of inventory so you can figure out if you should change your logistics level (i.e: Start of day, Fresh Food 5000, end of day, Fresh Food 3700, Change, -1300)

Additional Features/Skills: HR Reps can be assigned an employee group by being assigned stores in their list if the store has a manager.
Managers can “fill in” shifts if an employee is out sick by “calling in” an employee or assigning themselves. Having a manager can help satisfaction by counting as a “boost” for customer service , could also allow a “special order” feature where customers could order an obscene quantity of something if you have a manager and the player would have to either adjust logistics for the night, or go pick it up and drop it off themselves, or the store fufill it if they have enough on hand.

Final: Sorry to write a book, but I absolutely adore this game and cannot wait to see how far ya’ll take it! I’m probably going to spend way too much time suggesting features I’d like to see, because I’ve already invested so many hours into it.