Storage shelves in stores

Can no longer deliver boxes of products to storage shelves in store. Fully loaded hand truck click on them the guy just stares at you. Take the boxes off hand truck, click on shelf, he does not put the boxes on anymore. One store, clothing store, all my boxes disappeared off of my 3 storage shelves.

To confirm - are you on beta 8? I am noticing that I cannot access my vehicle storage, nor shelving storage at the moment either.

Yes. Beta 8. Which vehicle, I have only tried the Van so far…and the van works.

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Roger that. The Vord 150 won’t let me access it currently.

I will have to check that when I go back on. Kinda game killing…lol

Going to have to auto deliver and auto stock everything…bummer

Keep in mind - beta 8 is only in its “early gold phase”, not fully released yet, so hopefully those bugs are all fixed when the update goes out to everyone (presumably) next week!

Probably tuesday…the green bar says 4 days…

Just figured id post up the bug…let em know its there

Maybe. Might need a few more days to get it ready, but we’ll see. According to the devs, they are shooting for the 22nd at the latest!

Hello guys! Thank you for reporting this error. I have both of your bug reports, but I need your help: I can’t seem to figure out how to reproduce.

Some questions:

  1. Did storages work at some time? Or just after loading they don’t work?
  2. Did you do something specific before trying to interact with them?
  3. Can you interact with any other storage shelf / pallet shelf / vehicle cargo?
  4. Does the overlay with the “Manage cargo” appear?

If you find a way to reproduce this one, it would be awesome. Seems like a big problem, but it is not related to an error (error log is clean) - might be a logic problem.

I have not been able to reproduce it yet. But I also did a clean install with update. ( VS just replacing files.) My missing boxes reappeared as well. The first time I am thinking he wa out of energy. Will try again later on today…

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Weird…it was working fine prior to that, then suddenly I couldn’t interact anymore. I had been looking at the map and had rented 7 new properties (I believe 2 of them, I had bought out the previous owner and shut down their existing business, the other 5 were just normal rentals).

Then I went to AJ Pederson’s to buy equipment - I couldn’t buy wine shelves since AJ Pederson’s is partially broken, and then I had the storage issue after buying cigar shelves instead.

Also, yes, the “Manage Storage” overlay appeared, just nothing happened when I clicked it

I reloaded, and it’s currently working, I haven’t been able to replicate it yet either, and I’m going to the in-laws for christmas now. If it’s still broken on Monday, I’ll try to replicate it further!

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Yeah, I have been messing with it for half the day. Can not seem to duplicate it. No avail. It has been running without a hitch, Just was last night first 4 saves I played. Manage storage popped up on everything, just could not transfer to shelves. But all day today, been trying to get it to happen again, I now have a store with 15 shelf storages and packed with boxes. lol… :rofl:


Nice to hear that! I’ll keep this issue open just in case - if it happens again, feel free to share it here. We’ll keep tracking this bug :face_with_monocle:

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It has happened several more times. Most recently - I am adding rounded shelves and jewelry cases to several gift stores with my freight truck. I go to Andersons and fill it up, upgrade 3 stores, sleep. Go back to Andersons and fill up, upgrade another store…all is working fine until I go to upgrade the next store, suddenly I can’t use “Manage Cargo” on the truck, or on a pallet or in any stores.

I try the typical tricks like opening Bizman, or entering a building and leaving, but the only way to get it working again is to go to main menu and reload.

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it happend to me also thankfully reload the save fixes it

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Heck of it is, Its happened to me twice since, I do not save or anything, I reload, do the same exact thing over and over, and it is completely random if it happens or not. It seems to happen after getting store fixtures and once after setting them up.

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Exactly - I haven’t found a consistent cause either, other than just using it several times due to upgrades and fixtures!

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