Stocks and News!


I think that Big Ambitions city is not really that “alive”. A news channel could fix most of that emptiness. Honestly, I don’t have an idea for a name for the news channel. There would be an app on your phone thing in the bottom right saying “News” and it would show you the news for today. Random events could happen like discounts or events at some stores. Maybe the appliance store would have a discount, or maybe a raffle would be hosted at distro, or something like that. It would also provide news for the stocks (discussed later in this thread) that went up the most and the ones that went down the most. At the beginning of each day there will be a new news post on your news app. It would also show predictions for new popular things in the city (Like what clothes people want, etc… and you can use this information to predict what stocks are going to succeed.


I think it would be very cool to have a stocks app.
The stocks app would show stocks of local companies inside of the city, and only some of them are public, the rest are private so you can only really invest in about half of all companies in the city. There are charts of how they are doing, as long as saying the high and low, and also a list of news and predictions on that stock. The stocks app would be formatted in a way showing subjects like clothing, appliances, etc… and when you click on it you can see all of the public companies in that subject, and you can click on the company and see all of its data and its price.

You can make your company public, in the company settings were you can change its name and stuff. When you make your company public, you by default will have most of the shares, but you can sell them and then other people can purchase shares. By people, I mean citizens of the city, and the citizens would not be called “Gourmet-District citizen” but actual people who you can find.

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