Steam Key ? updates?

Hallo, maybe those topic is existing already. than lets delete this after u get me some infos

  1. i had Big Ambition in my wishlist quite a time and got never informed that there is a beta out…
    I forgot how i reached humblebundle to buy gold BIG
    Question: how can we get updates over the beta software that we just copied with this zip file?
    Will there be updates

                If this game goes can we get a steam key........or do we get over our existing Beta game a link for all those things?

Am pretty confused about our link to u devs just over this forum and an ingame report key for bugs.

But how can we claim our steam key and some patches?

This game is well thought out, the concept is great.
The ideas of the community are promising.
I definitely want to keep my finger on the pulse here

To buy the game and get immediate access, go to and pre-order Gold or Silver. The game is currently a Humble Bundle direct download but will be on Steam when it goes into Early Access around March. Everyone who pre-orders will get a Steam Key at that time.

For now, each time there is an update, a new download will appear on Humble Bundle that you can download.

Hallo Dave,
i already bought gold over humbeBundle.

      after i have seen a youtuber testet BIG i searched and found humblebundle..........downloaded the zip installed and played.....but............

do i have no pre ordered Gold? finish version? is it a pre order… when i logged in directly to humblebundle.?
as u pointe d out, if it s pre ordered we get a steam key .
thanks a lot for your answering… and i hope my last point gets cleared…

If you already bought the Gold version from their website and have your download through Humble Bundle, then you are good to go! You are “pre-ordering” the game since it’s not on Steam yet, but you get immediate access to the beta versions (through Humble Bundle downloads) as it develops.

When the game enters “Early Access” on Steam (estimated around March), you should receive the Steam Key for that and you won’t need to purchase it again.

Hi Dave,

perfect, thanks alot. I really appreciate that.


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