Steam Deck Bugs/suggestions

Alright I’m going to keep this short and simple as much as I can because I did not have much of an experience with the steam deck big ambitions.


  1. Cannot Play Story Mode On Steam Deck: You cant play the story mode on the steam deck due to the prologues “continue” button being unclickable and you cannot select it.

  2. Character Creation Clicking Bug: This probably exists on pc as well but 3 out 4 times I try to create a character even when skipping selecting the options the buttons break and become unclickable.

  3. Graphics Settings: This might not be everyone’s experience but while in the main menu of big ambitions I cannot change the graphics settings by clicking the drop down and scrolling through and selecting it. Instead I have to actually manage to get in game and change them by clicking the little tiny arrows. (Steam Deck)

  4. Custom Games: Custom games actually do work because there is no prologue. That being said when im actually in game the fps is insanely low (id say around 25 with drops to 10 until you walk around). After you walk around a bit the fps become a bit smoother as buildings are already rendered in but the fps drops stay, changing graphics settings doesn’t change this only preserves your battery life and makes no difference on FPS drops.

  5. Graphics Settings Again: Once in Game since its incredibly fps droppy in some peoples eyes it may be unplayable there should be an option to drop the graphics into a potato mode to increase your fps stability (or some optimization updates as the steam deck hardware is actually good) and battery life.

That is all that comes to mind right now there were a few more bugs but its been about 2 hours since I played and it only lasted 20mins. Tomorrow or Monday I will be testing it with a custom game and a bunch of money as story mode doesn’t work and I will open a bunch of stores and see if there are other bugs within the steam deck version of the game.

I really hope this helps the devs as I have asked around the discord and it appears there may not be many steam deck users because I couldn’t find anybody thats played it on the deck.