Stealing items from NPC businesses

Heyo. New player here, decided I will try to update to the forum when I notice things that seem a bit off.
In my first few days in game, I wandered into the back area of a cigar and wine shop.
I stole the ‘handtruck’ from them and wheeled it home without any consequence. (That I know of yet!)

Proposed feature:
Police fines for players / repossess stolen items.

Edit: Can see the handtruck simply vanished after I reloaded, so I guess they aren’t persistent anyway!

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The handtrucks will spawn infinitely and then despawn as soon as you leave them when nothing is on them, so you won’t get in trouble for that one!

Currently you can’t steal anything, but theft/security will start to take form in EA 0.3 (I think that will more likely be people trying to steal from you, but the elements will be starting at least!)