Specialized or Generalized Businesses Options?

This is more for discussion than implementation. But do we want to specialize our businesses more having a more focused product range or have the general store like settings and have this available as an option at game start. I was thinking a more generalized focus may be easier for some players but in some ways specialized stores may be easier. if you want to go one direction or other type ‘specialized’ or ‘generalized’. seems some the game is already ‘specialized’. would specialized shops be better for this game?

I like the idea. Obviously, right now there is no product variety, but as that becomes available I assume the customers will begin wanting different items even more than they already do - “I want non food!”.

Based on the interviewing aspect that currently exists, I imagine being able to either interview the customers, or just watch the text that appears above their head while they’re shopping and wishing you had other items for sale, to see what items they are more interested in.

Also, I imagine you’ll be able to directly see which items sell faster, so you can focus on carrying those items and stop carrying the items that sit on the shelf, unloved. This data could help you transition from generalized to specialized

Also…I’ve read elsewhere that they plan to add more warehouse options - you could order more specialized items from those shops to really customize and specialize your shop!

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Also based on type of store. like going to a supermarket the customer is thinking ‘food’ more than ‘gifts’ and if going to a gift store customers are thinking opposite. so even though you can stock almost anything. specialized stores will have little or no demand for some items. but we can sell soda cans anywhere just not many at some stores.

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