Special Alpha/Beta tools

Not the most important things but might be very helpful while testing:
I already ran into “locks” twice now. First with the van in the drive-in store. I had to abandon the van and walk home. Second was after buying a new car, it was stuck on the sidewalk and after entering I can neither drive nor exit the car (because it’s not parked properly).

From AirportCEO I know a special “F10” menu where you can do lots of interesting things. Most important during early access were some “node unblocking” features.
In Big Ambitions there could be options like “leave car without parking”, “get out of building”, “move car onto road”, “immediately beam home” or similar. Also node unblocking could be helpful in case of funny traffic jams, although it appears to me they always unblock themselves after a while.
Another option could be “reset humans” (all customers and employees are removed from all businesses).
These tools/options could help to fix a few things when stuck and could easily be removed in the final version because they’re in a special menu separate from normal game behaviour.