Something majorly broke

I’m not 100% sure what broke it, so I’ll describe:

I was doing well with owning 7 businesses (1 lawyer, 4 shops, HQ and warehouse). Got up to $1,500,000 in extra cash and decided to try buying out another company (a coffee shop). I bought it ($1,100,000).

I had to upgrade my warehouse - I had 2 vans, and now needed a 5th delivery spot. I purchased a mid-size truck that can handle 4 locations and swapped out one van in the warehouse for the truck.

I couldn’t find a way to sell the van, so I parked it and bought a sports car too for fun. So now I have two vans, a truck, the default car, and a sports car.

Shortly after this I notice that my cleaners have completely stopped cleaning (I started getting alerts in multiple shops about being dirty), I don’t see any customers, and I’m not making money. I went negative…even though it claims I made $176,000 the previous day on the main screen.

SuuperDaveCrash.json (6.2 MB)

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Hello! It is related to the table at the acquired coffee shop. It had wrong settings (will be fixed in the next patch), and was breaking the whole game at midnight :sweat:

Here’s your savegame fixed:
SuuperDaveCrash.json (12.9 MB)

Thank you very much for the details, it helped a lot!

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Most excellent! Glad to help - I wasn’t sure if it was the acquired business or the plethora of cars since it all happened within a couple days, but good to know what the issue was!

Bug notwithstanding, the business buyout worked really well. I underbid the first time and was rejected, then slightly overbid and was accepted. Everything instantly became mine except the Employees - which I think makes sense even though I was hoping to keep them too :smiley:

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Waaa, SuperDave this is a big one!

Please don’t open any more coffee shops though … you never know you’ll break the real world too :stuck_out_tongue:


Instructions unclear…I have now opened a Coffee Shop in Startup Company


I could have used it, understanding the server system took me an insane amount of time.
Only to realize that using my brain isn’t that hard, if I turn it on xD


from discord, “ba-news” section @SuperDave

Jonas#1 — Oggi alle 09:17
Beta 1 (Build 614) is now up on Steam!

  • Fix tables at coffee shops breaking the game