Some questions and comments!

  1. Are shelves automatically restocked if you have enough product in storage in that store?
    I would hate to visit 10+ stores every day to refill the shelves.

  2. Loans are listed under expenses, even if you don’t have a single loan. It just displays 0:00. Looks silly lol

  3. Marketing expenses are not listed under expenses.

  4. It seems you can only have 1 big truck in the warehouse. And 4 destinations per truck/driver. Can you have more trucks/drivers at 1 warehouse?

Your employee will auto restock the shelves as long as there are boxes of stock on storage shelves in the business. You must purchase the 1292m (I think) warehouse. This will give you two vehicle slots and each vehicle has the ability to run a certain number of businesses. I.E Cars - 1, Vans - 2, Trucks 4. This makes the maximum number of businesses that could be run by a single logistics manager 8. Hope this was helpful!