Smartphone Companion Application

Hello everyone !

I’m throwing in an idea for futur plan in Big Ambitions. As far as i can see right now, the game is going to be a sim simulator. Same as an MMORPG or GTA LIKE games.

Two of the game i like to play are actually using an Smartphone map to keep in touch with our character/Saved game/Market. Final Fantasy 14 / GTA V

This idea would be to start talking or thinking about what could be implemented to get linked to Big Ambitions ?

My first thoughts would be :

  • Pets care
  • Get some food/drink/sleep
  • Loan cars
  • See the character (make him giggle, laugh, crying) / buying custom clothes
  • Please add more.

As long as the game is not aiming to be available on mobile we can actually think through a way to have a companion app.

Objectives is to be able to load your game when you go back to your computer, with clothes changed, pets happy, new car because you ordered it and happy character ready to get back to work :stuck_out_tongue: :fuelpump:

Have fun guys :slight_smile: