Shop types

Here are a few ideas for more shops:

  • Chicken FastFood. Give the burger grill the option to also grill chicken. And give the fryer the option to fry chicken. No new equipment is needed here. This way we can build our own KFC competitor.

  • Smoothie Bar. For a healthier Fastfood option.

  • Not really a new shop, but the ability for FastFoods to specialize. E.g. Pizza place, or Burger joint. I already mentioned this in my feedback on Alpha 10, but at the moment fast food shops are only making money if you have all the fast food options available. E.g. in one shop, you need to do pizza and burgers and hot dogs and salad to make a profit. I want to create a Mcdonald’s or Pizza Hut.

  • Sports shop. This can be combined with the clothes store. You can have sports equipment and clothes.

  • Travel Agent/Tour operator. This is for the office jobs.

  • Web dev/design. Again for the office jobs.

  • Gym. A bit out there, but I know people who started their own gyms.

  • Printshop. Printing on paper, clothes, etc.

  • Man + van. Instead of starting a shop, you buy a van and do deliveries for NPC shops. If you have enough contracts you buy more vans and hire drivers.

  • Delivery service. Like these people driving around with bikes delivering anything from parcels to food.

  • Flower shop/Nursery.


Love these ideas!

These are awesome ideas. Hope they can be added.

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Flower Shop and Web Design Agency hereby confirmed, as they can be implemented easily.

Keep voting if you wan the other suggestions too :slight_smile:


Cool, if I think of more I will add them here.

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I would love to see Hotels in the game whenever too.

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@user6 hotels will be very cool!!

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+1 to the whole topic and this suggestion.

I like it, surely opening up more working areas can only do good

Additional Retail/Wholesale Stores and/or Products:

  • Potential for Playable Versions of some of the already existing retail businesses: Auto Dealerships (possibly including mechanic shop), Furniture/Office Supply Shops, Appliance Store, Wholesale Store, Import/Export, etc.

  • Additional Furniture/Appliances (Potential Products: Stove, Microwave, Washing Machine, etc.)

  • Additional Clothing Store Products (Potential Products: Jackets, Shoes (Casual, Dress), etc.; Potential Furniture: Shoe Rack)

  • Additional Jewelry Store Products (Potential Products: Watches)

  • Additional Liquor Store Products (Potential Products: Beer, Spirits; Potential Furniture: Reuse drinksfridge)

  • Additional Fast Food Store Products (Potential Products: Sandwiches/Wraps, Ice Cream, Chicken, Nuggets, Chips/Snacks, etc.; Potential Furniture: Ice Cream Machine, Reuse/Modify SaladBar for Sandwiches/Wraps, Reuse Product Display for Chips/Snacks). Ability to sell Coffee at Fast Food Shop.

  • Additional Coffee Shop Products (Potential Products: Sandwiches/Wraps, Tea, etc.; Potential Furniture: Tea Machine, Reuse SaladBar for Sandwiches/Wraps)

  • Smoothie/Juice Bar: (Potential Products: Smoothie, Fruit Bowl, Tea, Sandwiches/Wraps, etc.; Potential Furniture: Smoothie Machine, Tea Machine, Reuse/Modify SaladBar for Fruit Bowls & Sandwiches/Wraps)

  • General Merchandise/Discount Store (i.e. Walmart/Target) (Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Drug Store (Potential Products: Prescriptions, Over the Counter: Cold/Headache Pills, Cough Syrup, Vitamins/Supplements, First Aid Kits, Bandages/Band-Aids, etc; Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Personal Care Products that can be sold at General Retailer, Drug Store, and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Razor, Soap, Shampoo, Lotion, etc; Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Household Products that can be sold at General Retailer, Drug Store, and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Detergent, Dish Soap, etc. Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Books that can be sold at General Retailer and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Romance Books, Mystery Books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books, Nonfiction Books, etc; Potential Furniture: Bookshelf)

  • Electronics Store (Potential Products: Phones, Tablets, Personal Computers, Printers, TV’s, Stereos, Headphones, Cameras, Game Consoles, etc.; Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf, Electronics Display Shelf)

  • Dynamic Restaurants (See user “Fever” suggestion)

  • Movie Theatre (Potential Products: Movie Tickets, Popcorn, Candy, Snacks; Potential Furniture: Movie Theatre Room (Projector, Screen, Seating), Popcorn Machine, Snack Shelf)

  • Laundromat and/or Drycleaning (Service: Cleaning & Drying)

  • Barber Shop/Hair Salon (Service: Haircut/Styling; Potential Furniture: Barber Shop Station (Chair/Mirror))


I went ahead and created a separate topic for additional Office based and other non-retail businesses since this topic is specifically about shops:
Playable Office/Non-Retail Businesses - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (

Some of them don’t seem like they would be too difficult to implement like adding Audit/Accounting and/or consulting Firms using same mechanics as law firms with different billing and staff hourly rates. Others might be a little more difficult.

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