Shop Feedback and Expansion

Hello, everyone,

As always, I ask you the kindness not to judge me too harshly for my English, unfortunately I am forced to use machine translation systems. So my English … may come across as very robotic.

I was thinking about a possible feature, what is missing in this game? Or rather, in this Alpha! Eliminating the things that have already been proposed and are already being structured by the development team I think the addition of “choice” could be interesting.

What does this mean?
Obviously we can already choose which type of shop to open, in which area to open it and also how much stock it should have.We can choose where to shop, we can choose where to rent a house or where to buy our supplies, we can choose which car to use and whether to use it or walk.

But we can’t choose what the facilities look like, how big they are or how to ‘continue’ their expansion.
It would be nice, again in my opinion, to be able to expand the business to really big shops (I don’t know the shops in your town, but I will give an example: Ikea). So it would be nice, again in my opinion, if we could “buy” or “rent” neighbouring shops so that we could expand our main shop. Obviously only if they are available and without a tenant.
This is of course subject to restrictions, e.g. the possibility of buying three shops next to each other and making it a single shopping area.

Or, in case, even open additional platforms. For example, knock down X buildings and physically build a garage for vehicles? (Where you earn per how many vehicles enter it) or more simply, in case, gain respect of neighbours by building a playground near your shop (so more people could enter as that shop is “renowned” and known as socially acceptable).
Thus it would also be possible to start thinking not only about the respect that the shop itself can accumulate, but also about the very concept of moral ethics that the shop may or may not have. Not that there should be any malus, but it could still open up a new section on how our shop is “received” by society, what its feedback would be.

Again, just an idea thrown out there.
What do you think?

Have I gone too far off topic? :smiley:

It would also be interesting to choose, in case, to go against the labour law … A “surprise” visit by an inspector

“your employees are working too hard? they are not insured? great, take this fine and stay closed for a week”.

I saw this discussion, it only talks about bankrupting your opponent in order to absorb the shop. Obviously this is also a good idea in the business world, so I’m linking it to his discussion trying to expand on mine.


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This is virtually the exact same as my suggestion apart from I have included competition to NPC stores in order to make them available

the only other difference if demolishing the building and building a new type in its place

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