Shipping Vector

Good morning,

As always, I apologise if a few words are misplaced, using a translator anything is possible! Except, of course, writing in the selected language.

With David and RPG, yesterday evening, I thought of a possible new feature. I’m not mentioning their names at random, but since one thing leads to another, I think it’s only fair to mention them.

So, what does what I have been thinking about consist of?
Maybe I should have started like this.

In view of the fact that there is a bug with shipments (shipments of supplies such as chairs, tables, etc.) a proposal came to me. Why don’t we take advantage of this bug and get an idea out of it?

As in the real world there are more or less professional shipping companies.
Why not exploit this bug to come up with a customised shipping system?

What if we could choose our own delivery carrier?
I give some examples:

Basic Level:
Road Delivery, Potentially (% to be decided) Damaged Material, Potentially (% to be decided) Missing Material or Completely Lost Order (Without Insurance).

Intermediate Level:
Road Delivery, Less chance of Potentially Damaged or Missing Material. Partial Insurance (50% ?)

High Level:
Road Delivery, Almost no chance of damaged or missing material and Total Order Insurance (Not for Theft).

Premium Level:
Delivery in Building (not on the street) and Total insurance of goods in case of Theft.

You read that right. Theft.
Here David had (also) the idea of Theft.
Which to me sounds brilliant!

One could, in fact, add a feature where if the order remains on the street and unattended there is the possibility of a random event with random timing where one or more (or all) items can be stolen.
Such thefts would, of course, prompt the player to use the services of the premium company … as they say, you have to keep the economy going, right?

The delivery carrier settings could be in the online order screen, just like the location and delivery time. From here, of course, many other discussions open up, such as the removal of the Precise and Exact delivery times and the addition of the classic ‘2-3 working days for delivery’. Or, in case the order is delayed, the arrival of a message from the company announcing the delay and apologising, et