Selling "wrong" goods in supermarket

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but think it should be possible to sell salad and gifts in the supermarket. Tried to lower prices but the customers dont buy it.

Hello! Salad is used only in fast food restaurants, while gifts can only be sold in gift shops.

It would be nice for more overlap products though, as many stores sell more than just a few items. For example TESCO where I live sells Clothes, technology, deli, and fruit and veg in addition to having a cafe and a supermarket.

Buthchers sell pies and baked goods, bakeries sell deserts and such.

One thing in real life is that the demand for items not desinated to the store type is usually reduced (so a cafe in a supermarket will have reduced number of customers, or might only sell cheaper clothes.)

You could do standarddemandĂ—0.25 on premium items and maybe demandĂ—0.6 for cheaper items. With a 0.01Ă—demand on incompatable items such as clothes in a butcher shop or meat in a bakery.

Just some thoughts.

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Really interesting ideas there! Maybe you could add it as a suggestion