Selling Retail inside office breaks game and steals your car

So I was testing the “you can sell anything, anywhere” concept. I tried selling retail from my apartment, but nothing happened, which is good.

I tried selling it from an office, and I started having issues.

Firstly, the UI seems inconsistent. It allows me to set up a cash register and assign employees, which seems to indicate that selling retail is allowed:

This is further reinforced by the fact that the burger stand & cash register are listed on the customer capacity:

However, you aren’t able to set the price of the item you’re selling, which is because the game isn’t actually recognizing the ability to sell retail items.

More importantly, after testing this, my car was missing (no, I didn’t owe taxes). It seemed to happen after I assigned myself to the register and timemachined forward. I replicated my steps three times and lost my car each time.