Screen resolution - renting the first apartment

My native screen resolution is 3440 * 1440 and noticed at the start of the game that the top text was half hidden. Next, when I go the building to rent the first apartment, I can see the white box: “available for rent”, but nothing here that I can click.

Is the “hire” button or whatever it is called underneath here or am I overlooking something?

Hi there!

Thanks for letting us know! This is definitely a bug, I didn’t think about optimizing for ultra wide screen resolutions.

Moved to bugs category :slight_smile:

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Thanks for a quick response jhovgaard.

I’ll wait for a patch then :slight_smile:

Transferred the issue to Github and added to alpha 5 pipeline: Parts of UI missing on ultra wide screens · Issue #388 · hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public · GitHub

Fixed and uploaded to Steam (Build 130)

Yes, I can rent an apartment now. Thanks jhovgaard :grinning:

The top text is still partially hidden though, when you start a new game, but perhaps that is a different reason.