Scorpio time slider

When I go to my pull-up bar or my big screen TV the game remembers what length of time I used the item for last. The Scorpio doesn’t seem to ever remember my preset.

Forgive me if I’m wrong.

Hmm. I’m not seeing that issue, personally. I tested several situations, including:

  1. Using the Scorpio, then using the TV (set to a different amount of time)
  2. Using it, then sleeping until the next day.
  3. Using it, then saving/reloading

it seemed to always remember it for me, strangely.

Hmm… I’ll try to take a video and upload it.

So I was testing a bit. It does remember them all…until it forgets

After testing the TV, treadmill, PC and Scorpio back and forth, I found that it would remember them sometimes, but then if I went to another item or two and came back, it would eventually reset the timers to one hour. The only one that never seemed to reset was the treadmill.

I’ll pass this onto the devs!