Scheduling work improvement suggestion


I would like to suggest a feature where if you disable the “same schedule for all days” check mark in your business scheduler, you will still be able to do changes that apply to all days by holding CTRL or something when you do your change. So say you have a 08-16 schedule for every day of your business but you have disabled “same schedule for all days” because you have done a lot of customization to how employees are put. Then you want to change every day to 06-20 without compromising your existing empoyee schedule. By holding CTRL (or something) you can then drag the business hour of one day and it will go across all days. Similar idea for employees. You have it custom for every day but one worker should then be added with the same schedule every day. Just add then and hold CTRL while you add them and drag their shift schedule :slight_smile:

You could change the slider to tick boxes. You then tick the days you want to change.

That too :slight_smile: