Schedule QoL addition

setting employees in law firm etc. is really tedius to set everyone on 50h/week with some emploees with no weekend and all that so maybe add if you drag some employee in schedule add maybe feature where you hold alt you could drag ONE employee on ALL the days IN THE SAME TIME without clicking the auto-fill option witch can mess up badly my set up

i hope you know what i mean with my broken english


Just to make sure I understand - do you mean to have each employee use the same schedule each day of the week? If so, you could be able to do that currently with the toggle directly above the schedule.

i mean like if you want to reschedule f.e. only Tom Hanks (from 50 working employees total ) work time from 8-16 to 5-15 ( and the store is open mon-fri) then instead doing it manually 5 times and without clicking the autofill button just click ALT key while draging that ONE employee and it sets all days for him to work with that 5-15 where the business is open

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If the employee is doing the same shift every day that the store is open, that option should currently be available. The button next to the autofill button should make the schedule the same for each day the business is open.

Oh okay - if everyone is not on the same schedule every day, then no, that wouldn’t work. So you just mean, you want that level of control for individual employees, not the entire staff?

yep, i could use the buttons but with Saturday and Sunday open it adds it also to that days , same when business is closed on that days (witch deleting every 50 workers can get tedius) and i only want to add one worker on only days where business is open
not THAT must have feature but pretty usefull imo

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If possible to add one more thing to this topic
When auto-filling for the whole week i would like to see the cleaning staff scheduled for each day not just to fill out the hours
ex: I have a full week with 18 hour shifts
auto-fill fills the employees correctly to the specifics of each worker but the cleaner is scheduled Monday - Thursday because that fulfills his 50 hours (full time staff) and fri/sat/sun are unpopulated.

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