Since the beta 4, the save no longer loads. The screen remains frozen on the Big Ambitions logo, whereas when I launch a new game, everythings works normally.My Save

If there are no bugs in your save file, it should load save files from previous betas.

Since yours didn’t, I’m guessing the bottom-right changed from “Loading” to “Loaded” as well, but then sat there doing nothing. You could probably hear sound effects too.

That seems to happen when there is a bug in your save file, and the game cannot load it properly. :frowning:

I checked the game files and everything was there according to steam…

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That makes sense, the files should still be there, but there might be some bugged information in your saved-game file, which prevents the game from loading your old save properly.

If you create a new game and save it, are you able to then reload the new game like normal? Or does the same issue happen even with brand-new saves?

When I create a new game and save it, I can load it.

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Roger that - sounds like your old save caught a bug, sadly :frowning:

Can we fix this bug?

Not that I’m aware of :frowning:

I put the link of my backup in my first message, in case someone can help me…

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Hello! We’ve checked your savegame and found the problem. It should work fine on the next build, 1036. Thank you for reporting it!

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