Savegame not loading

My savegame and all 3 recovery saves are no longer loading. The game is stuck in the loading screen after I select a savegame. The screen says that everything has loaded and you can hear in-game sound, but all you see is the loading screen.
It could be the same or similar problem as in this post: Endless Loading
Player.log (2,5 MB)

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Most likely not related to that other post - that was from 15 months ago and the whole saved game process is vastly different.

I’m guessing this just started happening for you with the new patch. This is something we’re trying to figure out right now - it’s impacting a number of players likely due to an update we made trying to fix some other stability issues.

The team is currently working on a solution!

Thanks for the quick reply and explanation. I played the game for the first time today and started with the current version 1727. So my savegame is not from a previous version. Maybe this helps with the solution.

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Oh, well welcome to the community! Sorry the game gave you this first impression, but it should be fixed soon!

Is the game locking up around 81% and then crashing? That seems to be the most common crashing point for people experiencing this, although I’ve seen a couple 45% as well. The devs are looking into this, and hopefully will have a new patch soon to get past this issue!

Thank you for the warm welcome. No my game loads 100% but all I see then is the attached screenshot. I also hear the ingame sound (music, cars, etc) and when I press ESC the music stops but the screen only shows the loading bar.
Starting a new career works and I can load the new save.

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Oh, that sounds completely unrelated to the other thing happening right now!

Hopefully it continues to work for you then!