Sandbox Menu + more

Higher money settings for custom mode
The current options for custom settings are lacking, currently (as of v0.3.2048) the higest ammount of money you can start with is $2,147,483,647.00 this is not enough for a true sandbox experience, as shown by the image below the theoretical maximum ammount of money you can have in the game is might higher than what the options allowed.

(Credit: @DavidEstesCreations)

The higest ammount of money you can start with in the custom mode should be increased to $2,546,773,648,361,541.00 this would allow those who want to start with alot of money to do so, the player should be able to play the game however they like even if it feels like “cheating”. Achievement are automatically disabled when starting a game with custom mode and the game is singleplayer so no players will be affected if you cheat so why can’t you cheat?!

Add more options to custom mode
Currently as of 0.3.2048 the options given when starting a custom game is missing alot of options to make it a true sandbox mode. These options inculde (but are not limited to):

  • Infinate vehicle health
  • Infinate vehicle fuel
  • Parking is legal everywhere
  • Unlimited store products
  • Store always clean
  • No employee demand
  • Infinite employee satifaction
  • Movement speed

In-game sandbox menu
In addition to the additional options when starting a custom game a “Sandbox menu” button should be added into the game to allow the user to toogle setting and to add or remove money whenever they wish. This would allow for people to roleplay, and play the game however they like this in turn would allow the game to florish. Whenever I play the game, I hate I can not change the custom game settings after the fact, I wish that there would be a easy way to toggle the options.

In addition the sandbox menu would allow for the developers to add additional options such as pausing or slowing time, change the employee satification, hourly wage, skill type and level, changing the traffic level ect.