Running out of shelf space

Situation: You have set up deliveries to receive 20 boxes, but only have shelf space for 4 boxes. Right now, it seems the game just delivers the first 4 items from the top of the list with no “logic” of which items to keep. This can create very lopsided inventory.

On the one hand, perhaps the devs are fine with this…it’s the player’s “fault” for not planning, so perhaps this is just what happens when you fail.

On the other hand…
Perhaps the game could unload the items based on your current quantity. The item with the lowest current quantity is picked until there is no more shelf space.

Or if we want to be fancier, it unloads proportionately to the amount ordered. Meaning if you ordered twice as many Paper Bags as Expensive Gifts, then it would unload those items at a rate of 2 boxes of Paper Bags to every 1 box of Expensive Gifts.

I had considered a pop-up UI appears for the player to pick which items they want. But this could be very unwieldy if the player orders a few hundred boxes, and only lacks the space for a few…