Roommate / Significant Other

In the new devlog, it showed an apartment with two beds, which got me thinking…a Roommate option would be very interesting.

Early game, you put out an ad, similar to how you recruit employees, but for a roommate. It could cut rent in half, and your roommate could help out with things like stocking food. But if you never stock food or clean up, the roommate could get mad and leave, making you pay full rent (and maybe even leaving you “bad reviews” or something on your business).

Continuing on from there, I have no idea if “relationships” have been considered for the game, but that could be a cool extension - family is often a big dynamic in reaching your dreams - do you put off a family, or do you ‘slow down a little’ in order to try to do everything? Or do you just get a pet instead to split the difference?

A significant other could be another business person who helps expand your empire, but now you need twice as much food. Or your partner could support you at home by buying groceries and cleaning, etc., but then also require a little “quality time” each week.

Sorry for wall of text…just got excited by the idea when I saw the dev log :slight_smile: