Roommate / Family / Children

I 100% would want that.

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I think it would be fun to start a family in the game.

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Oh wow this is from 2021. So I just started playing an immediately thought about how it could make it more of a challenge to own a business. Having a family to which you’re not spending enough time with your spouse, divorce proceedings and even losing businesses in the divorce lol. Maybe a family business where you don’t have to pay the family to work or maybe lower rates.

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How about shutting the game off and going outside for all of those who want a social life. There is already a game for that, The Sims. Look at the world around you… does it look like humans know anything about being social? When I was a kid the point of video games was escaping the bullspit of the real world. I mean this is already shaping into the best BUSINESS game I’ve seen in years. There’s a whole genre out there for LIFE sims.

That’s a great thing about simulator games - you can simulate lots of things. Instead of running a business in real life, you can simulate it!

No need to be rude, though :slight_smile:

Although, you did seem to realize the flaw with that idea immediately:

Honestly though… Having relationships and kids in real life is already a pain in the biscuits. The odd thing is nobody takes care of there kids and/or bills and jobs serious in real life. Can we at least fix the real world before we start simulating it.

Good point - and I wouldn’t want to have to go get diapers for the sim baby :smiley: