Riding with delivery drivers

I’ve set up a warehouse, bought a van, hired a driver and scheduled my deliveries. I was looking forward to seeing my driver load their hand cart, stick the boxes in the van and drive it off to my stores. Unfortunately that does not seem to happen.

What seems to happen is that as long as your warehouse contains enough stuff, your stores are magically stocked, regardless of the skill of the driver or even the size of the van(?) [so why would I buy a truck?]

If we saw the vans and trucks driving around, they would be affected by traffic (and thus by the pile-ups I cause with my dodgy driving, which would be an incentive not to do it), they would consume fuel, and they’d take occasional wear/damage (depending on driver skill).

This would all mean that optimising the size of the van / driver skill would have a material effect on things - since I could no longer count on my one-van operation being able to fuflil my entire delivery needs.

Perhaps something like a scheduling system - so a logistics manager can manage a number of vehicles, and you need a driver per vehicle. You then set which stores they (try to) visit at what times each day, and they can carry no more than their vehicle allows, have to unload it, etc.

You actually don’t need to SEE this happening for the scheduling system, but it would be good to be able to.

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Same thing with cleaners - you don’t see them currently, but we plan to change that.

To deliver to more locations.

I thought that was the logistics manager skill… is it a combination?

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Correct - the freight truck adds more locations, and the 100% Logistics Manager also doubles the output!

I like the idea of going along and help the drivers.
It can be a good way to waste time while thinking about something, or stealing a ride if anyone would want to get somewhere without using the car or other vehicles.