Repeat order every 7 days is broken?

Hi, im unable to make my orders repeat every 7 days, because the pricing drops insanely below the minimum order amount. am i missing something??

it looks like there is a mistake in the math!

It will only order if the warehouse stock is lower than the target. So if you set it to 1900 and the warehouse has more than that, nothing will get ordered. None of those items on the screen should order. If you scroll down is there one item that is below the threshold (it brings the total to $857.74)

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I never even noticed that it was a stock level target, and not an actual order quantity!
That explains why I had the same issue as the OP lol.
I love this game so much, the intricacy of the business management is fantastic, as well as the open world feel to running around the city.
Thank you SuperDave, I have learnt something new from you again :slight_smile: