Rental Units for owned residential buildings for income

**I would propose a game mechanic be added to the residential buildings.since we can purchase the real estate and there is furniture available to decorate them. you could rent out the different apartments in your owned building. go to customize, improve them so they rent for more. deal with maintenance to keep tenants happy.


I like this idea. I know a few ideas have been discussed about potentially being able to upgrade/improve purchased buildings to earn more money, so this would fit into that idea nicely.

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I would add admins to the biznos as laborers to contrast the work of the biznos

but the way I would envision it is each residential building would have a number of apartments assigned to it like 10-12 respectively…
With the game having furniture with different values.
the value placed in an apartment and the upgrades to carpet wallpaper ect… you could ask more rent for nicer units. The units could function in a similar manner to the automobile and existing stores where over time they would get dirty and they would decay the more the tenants moved around in them.

This would allow for a new career path for a maintenance man that works similar to a janitor.
As well as tenants who could have traits like slob or neat freak that through there time at the property offer perks that affect the property.

Construction companies could be added to the businesses list to handle upgrades to units
Remodels could be performed through a series of modular apartment floor plans

Interior designer companies could function in the same fashion. Where you would choose from different decorated floor plans. All modular

So apartment 1A made up of construction module 22 and interior design module 3

Has a rent of $110 a day

These could be managed in the biz manager and interacted with via the preview windows.

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