📢 Release of Beta 7


hello, I have such a problem in my steam, first they asked me to delete the game, and then it disappeared from the steam library.

New method of downloading until Early Access begins will be direct downloads from Humble Bundle. Instructions here:

I bought it a long time ago, the golden sign disappeared from my bible library for some reason, and

And what should I do

Yes, this is how everyone will be downloading the updates until it fully goes into Early Access on Steam. At that point, we’ll all get new steam keys to download on steam.

For now, all you need to do is follow the steps in the tutorial I posted above!

Are you going to tell me that I need to buy the game again

Not at all. Just log into Humble Bundle with the email you originally used to buy it, and it will be waiting for you.

I do not receive a code to the mail for confirmation, go to the account

I have the same issue, I can not log into humble bundle using email I bought the game with. Do I need to create the account on Humble Bundle myself?

If you create a new account, it wouldn’t be connected to your purchase, i don’t believe. That is strange though, you should automatically get an account when buying, using the email address you used.

All I got after purchase was a steam key. I didn’t receive a humble bundle log-in, unless I deleted it it after I received the Key. I might be time to hit up the Discord.

When you initially purchased the game, you received a personal link to your purchase via email. This is the same link you used to redeem the Steam key back when the playtest version was available.

The subject of the email (for gold purchase) is: Your Big Ambitions: Gold order is ready.

By clicking on this link you’re instantly taken to the download page and you won’t need to create a Humble Bundle account.

If you lost this email, you’ll instead need to create a Humble Bundle account: Go to Humble Bundle - Sign up and create a new account using the email address you used when ordering. This step is very important. If you use another email, it won’t find your order.

Once logged in, you can find the download link in the Library section of your account:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying, but it seems there is no purchases in Humble bundle from the email account I purchased the Silver tier with once I signed it up.

I just checked for any purchases from the email address you used when signing up on this forum. I can confirm there are no orders on that, so you must have used another email address.

I tried all of my other emails in HB but to no avail, It’s no worries I will wait until the steam release and hopefully get another link then with the email I used to purchase the early access… whichever one that is. Thanks.

Did you get an email about an hour ago? Should have had a direct link to our Humble Bundle orders. Hopefully that helps you find it (or figure out which email it was!)

Still no luck. Like I said, I think I will just wait for the Stem Early Access and if I have to probably buy it again considering I am almost certain I bought the game access with the email Hovgaard tried to check from the forums.

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