📢 Release of Beta 3

hello, I have a problem on the new version when I do HR training tasks, I get written again and there I have completed all the training and because of this I cannot hire the first employee

Hi! It will be fixed in the next patch

and when is the next patch

Was it intentional to expand Hell’s Kitchen down to 4th Avenue? If so, you might need to rewrite some of the uncle Fred quests the first quest says rent an apartment in Garment District which is now Hells Kitchen.

You’re right! We’ve updated the Uncle Fred text to talk about Hell’s Kitchen, thank you for reporting that!

Love the new taxi system. The only feedback regarding that is, that I think the time is a bit off. Something that takes me 10 mins in a car, takes 2 hours in the taxi. Other than that I like it.

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why where is the contract the text has not been translated into Russian

Good catch! Will be localized on the next patch :slight_smile:

Here’s the translation key for the dropdown: Localizor - Community Translations for Games

still not transferred

Won’t work until next patch!