Receptionists and ordering

I think this is a pretty big feature suggestion, but it would be a very nice addon for beta 1/2.
I think that you should be able to get receptionists so people can order items from your store, and they can pick it up or you can ship it to them. You can hire receptionists from a recruitment corporation, and the workstation for them would be a phone (obviously). People can order by calling your number, and prank calls exist, slowing your service down. They can be shipped by you, or hiring a driver (truck driver and this driver should be combined so it is only driver), and you give them a car and they will ship it. If they order in person, they come to your place and they have to pick it up via a special line.

Great Idea! Just to add/modify on your point why not if an HQ hires a receptionist then there could be random events generated i.e. every now and then offers would be offered to players such as great discounts to items/marketing services or investors able to lay down offers to your company and so on.

Yes, I think that is smart