Real Blueprints / Blueprint Editor

It would be nice if we could create a blueprint without actually needing to move furniture around in the store.

Then pass our blueprint to an installation firm with our exact layout, design, and furniture.

Right now, its only possible to use community blueprints or create one from scratch but it requires being in the store and moving a lot of stuff around which is pretty tedious.


I would love to see a blueprint editor included in the game, as a main menu item. I love this game, however building in it limits some creativity because of how tedious it is to navigate, buy and place items, get the right quantities, etc. Early game, it is fun, but later game, it becomes a bit of a roadblock, unless you rely on community blueprints.

This feature could include statistics on customers per day and give a more traditional ‘build’ interface for each building type. This would not only be a fun extra in the game, but also for modders looking to contribute more to the blueprints community.

What are your thoughts? How would this tool be balanced in the gameplay?