Radio stations

Hey everyone.

I guess there is one or two bugs with the new radio stations. I think this idea is quite good, but unfortunately the music doesn’t work the way it used to. In detail: When I enter a building, the music seems to reset itself, i.e. a track no longer runs through as before. And it even resets itself twice, because when you enter a building, a new track comes up, and a second later, another right away. This is also particularly annoying with the user tracks, because the game always freezes briefly when changing tracks. I also noticed that after sleeping, the station changes to dance.

Could you perhaps do it the way it was before, with the tracks playing continuously, even when entering a building, and that the station only changes if you do it yourself?

Hello - That issue is known and will be fixed. It won’t be how it was before because there weren’t multiple stations. But the restarting tracks is on our fix-it list!

With how it was before i meant that all tracks play continuously. For example when I’m in a car, track A from artist B at my user track station is playing and when I exit the car and enter a building, this track is still running (when it wasn’t finish in the time between).

I know that now I can’t skip tracks but stations. But that also should be only in player’s hand.