[Question to all players] Your wish list

My wishes:

  • Add Steam Workshop

  • be able to travel between cities

  • release DLCs (new jobs, cars, furnishings ect.)

  • change weather

  • later graphical improvement “upgrade” (light&shadow effects, furnishings look more realistic ect.)

  • Generally change the appearance of objects, for example design your own shoes, furniture, clothes or cars.

  • Add more cities

  • enlarge maps


My wishes

Make fuel stations rentable, small shop inside plus be able to order / sell fuel from the pumps.

Taxi / bus depo, purchase taxis and buses to provide transport for the city.

Car workshop / mechanics business.

Car trailers.


I am hoping that even one person here has played Business Tycoon Online (by Dovogames). It is a dead, browser based, business strategy game that is exactly what I thought of when I saw the video for this game and purchased it. After looking through the expected updates they have planned, I think they’ll be right along the lines of capturing the spirit of it.

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The map is too small, I hope there is a complete NYC

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