Quest skipping

I’m get job and move to bank. Get 15k and quest for work automaticly skipped

I can see that you have taken a job already.
These are the two objectives for your job:

The second one is fulfilled as soon as you have at least $1400, no matter whether it came from working or a bank loan. So at the moment you took the loan at the bank, the second objective of my screenshot was done.

@jhovgaard Maybe the objectives need a little tweak here in order to make sure the player really has to work in the job.

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Yea I agree. We should probably require that you make x amount of money specifically from salaries instead.

i noticed on a fresh game i can get loan after sleeping and it will skip the working at store part as long as you apply for job on first day after sleeping. so dont know if its intended this way or we want to get the full experience before getting the loan. right now for me it just seems a short cut for those players than done the working at the store first steps a few times. I didnt see this first few play throughs til I seen a couple discussions talking about it. I dont mind myself skipping working at ‘safeway’ lol. but fixing this would be adjusting not only the loan availability but also the experience we want our player to have :). but as i said skipping working just seems a shortcut for me.

one way i can see to fix this is having bank closed for renovations or something along those lines. so player can’t skip?