QoL Sugestions (WIP)

1.Always when im on the last employees on the list and i want to train multiple of them and click train , the list keeps moving to the first employee on it , could it like … stay still ?

2.Also there should be a option to make coffee at home , i just bought coffee machine for nothing lol

  1. as for clothes its kinda lacking a shirt (like that with suit )

  2. Random business name button maybe? im not that creative for figuring out names all the time

  3. More types of vehicles (i was thinking about more SUV’s in game like porshe SUV looks(Porshe macan)) or maybe cybertruck and expensive tesla with self driving

  4. Can we have a button that equips every showcase etc. to for example expensive jevelry?

8.An option to copy-paste logos maybe ( f.e. when opening multiple clothing stores )


7.And Also … plz plz make that list Looonger , i do not have that much mental health to just scroll that all the time
Edit: or make it at least adjustable edges to move it more


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mine screenshot or what ?

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Oh, that was misleading, I’m sorry.
I was not talking about the quality of the screenshots. I was talking about the situation there.
Obviously there is still plenty of room vertically. I absolutely think it needs to be expanded.


hope the devs would see it and change it :wink:

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7.2 .

also with this one … like…
Why u Do dis? :confounded: :crazy_face:

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What is your screen resolution? Scaling UI can get tricky for different resolutions. You don’t want it to become tiny and unreadable or unaligned, etc. But maybe this can be looked at by the devs.

Your screen is certainly more square, and creating a lot of vertical space that more default screen resolutions don’t have!

ekem… 1280x1024 ekem

Roger that - I’ll make sure the devs are aware!

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accualy many games have resolution problems with that types of monitors

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Sadly, this is often the case :frowning:

also i was thinking about maybe filter option ? sort by import export , friends and family . stuff like that

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