Purchasing Agent not purchasing a specific product and stocking warehouse

I have a situation where there is plenty of room in the warehouse 2 and from JetCargo Imports I am purchasing all the products that they offer and they are all purchased in the desired quantity requested EXCEPT Paperbags which are NOT being purchased. I actually sold the warehouse and set it up from scratch to see if it made any difference and sadly it did not - so I’m pretty much hooped.

It could help if you drop a screenshot into the replies so we can see the Purchasing Agent set up. Typically, though, the issue is that repeating delivery become “target” numbers. Meaning if you type 2000, but already have 2000+, it won’t attempt to order any.

The issue was that I had purchased paper bags from the local supplier and had them stored in the vehicle that was stationed at the warehouse - I had moved some of the paper bags into the pallet shelving and forgot to move the rest, A few game days later I moved the rest of the paper bags into the pellet shelving and the purchasing would not purchase new paper bags until all those paper bags had been used and it had no effect how many paper bags the agent had been ordered to purchase. Once those paper bags had been used up the purchasing agent would start behaving as one would expect.