Progression system

I would love having some kind of progression system in Big Ambitions other than economy (at least in harder difficulties).
Right now I always start up in Midtown (same price and rent, but makes A LOT more money because it’s Upper class).
There are no intensives to start retail in Garment District or any of the other districts.

I would like being restricted to only bying retail in Garment District at first and having the other District unlock during my playtrough. (the unloking could be linked to reaching goals in “persona”

Also rent and prices should be higher in more wealthy neighbourhoods. (staring up there should be more of a risk than in Garment (need more time to get a good flow of customers), but the rewards when making it should also be much greater (which it already is)

All inn all, this is a great game and I’m looking forward the each update :slight_smile: