Not sure its a bug or what not. But my first store I opened at like 17:00 once i got it all set up and ran till 22:00 and sold a lot of stuff (gifts) and instead of profit i was charged the rent and loan. happened everyday i set up at night. Only got profits on the 3rd day when I opened before noon. I sold over 100 each before the profit hit on what was sold that day.

Question - on the days you earned no profit, had you assigned yourself to the register and pressed “fast-forward”? And when you finally did get profit, did you hit “timemachine to end of shift”, instead?

There is currently a bug where if you hit “fast-forward” while you are assigned, you won’t get credit for any profits you earn.

Also, it shouldn’t be related to the times you’re opened. I’ve played where I don’t start working until 19:00-24:00, and you still earn some money, so I think it’s likely the other thing I said above.

I believe that is how it happened. I did use fast forward and I was assigned to register. And I think at some point when I did get profit I used time machine.

Sounds like that’s the issue then - it’s been reported to the devs, so hopefully a hotfix is out next week, but for now, just make sure you only do “timemachine” if you’re at the register, and you should be good!

Joko fixed the bug in build 1152 :partying_face:

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