Production factories + different resourses for them

I don’t really know about your plans for future. :slight_smile:
But I want to suggest :

  • Adding an ability to produce goods for wholesale stores. For example u can add FACTORIES (I mean new spaces like “offices, retails, residentials, warhouses”, etc.)
  • To add a resource extraction system and special areas with resourses for production in the factories.

I think this system could be really interesting :slight_smile:

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This is a really interesting idea. I think this will be realized when the city is made bigger. In general, I see multiplayer in this game with an RP component. Very similar to SAMP. GTA 2 RP but more interesting

Great idea. Thus, add a zone with fuctories where you can buy a factory (or room), order the resources for production, buy conveys, workbenches, presses, etc. Produce this product yourself or hire workers. And then, to deliver these goods to competitors stores or to your own (which should be cheaper than buying from wholesalers).

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Potential for limited types of Manufacturing Businesses or a Manufacturing DLC later on.

Potentially Add Factory Buildings or allow warehouses to become “Industrial Properties” that can be used for multiple purposes as Warehouses, Factories, Data Centers, etc.

Potential Manufacturing Businesses:

  • Food, Beverage & Personal/Household Products (Potential Furniture: Food Prep/Manufacturing Stations, Bottling Machines (Beverages, Personal & Household Products), Plastic Molding Station)

  • General Merchandise: Gifts, etc. (Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Assembly Station, Plastic Molding Station)

  • Furniture/Appliance (Potential Furniture: Furniture/Appliance Manufacturing Stations)

  • Clothing (Potential Furniture: Cutting & Sewing Machine Station)

  • Electronics (Potential Furniture: Electronics Assembly Station)

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