Problems with customers in queues in fast food shop


1st of all, nice game, congrats. As a owner of a bakery shop in my real life is funny that in my free time play to be a owner of other shops.

I own a fast food restaurant as a second business. The problem is that when I enter, there are no customers, or very few.

Because of this, I start working together with the employees, and it fills up with customers, to the point of receiving complaints about full lines. Then I close my shift so that another worker can take it, the line that was waiting for me leaves the store. And it gets even worse, if I leave my store, full of customers, to get something from the car, when I come back there are no more people. It’s very sad hahaha. I hope they can fix the thing where the store empties like that, because in real life that doesn’t happen.

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That is definitely being reworked, because, you’re right, it is a bit off, currently!

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