Problem with Traffic


Following various problems with spawning civilian vehicles and their trajectories on the road, I wanted to stay and observe the traffic itself for a few minutes. So I did.

The larger trucks, the pallet trucks, often don’t calculate their road trajectory properly and get stuck. This creates an additional problem, or rather:

The traffic lights stay red for everyone, indefinitely.

This means that if you’re in traffic, if you don’t have a clear lane to walk on, you won’t be able to avoid and fix the NPC vehicle. And everyone will remain stationary for life.
You have to push the stuck vehicle a lot to get it back on track.

This has happened to me especially in the direction of large intersections or on the exit roads leading in the direction of imports/exports. Needless to say, it can become quite frustrating in the long run, also because if completely stuck you will be forced to get off your vehicle and, after buying/taking another one, you will have to return to the previous location and push away the stuck npc vehicles.
It appeared with this Build, for me.

[EDIT: Added new Image]

Same concept, on some occasions the vehicles spawn on top of each other (attached image). Definitely a solvable problem.

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Hi there!

Thank you for sharing this. Traffic is something we’re constantly improving as there’s so many corner cases.

General, you’ll see intersections stall when there is still traffic in the intersection. We do this as we know it will only make the problems worse if we let it go, but the root of the problem are these AI vehicles getting stuck.

Nice catches! I’ve added it to my todo list for next week. Will keep this thread updated on any progress :slight_smile:


Hi again,

As promised an update on this matter. I believe most issues has now been fixed. It will be included in Beta 1 :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the update and for your kindness in bringing me up to date on this issue!

I will be very happy to do the “traffic department” in beta1 as well, although I am sure there will be no need for it.

Thanks again!

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Glad to hear we now have a traffic department! :man_police_officer: :sunglasses:

I’m sure there will be more issues. AI always finds a way to bug out.



non-existent “lifetime” traffic jams, clean trajectories and I think I see a different npc guidance system (is it just me or did you really tweak this parameter too?).

Car parks are clean, I don’t see overlapping of multiple vehicles in the same spot!

What you promised has been done, and in a very short time.

Well done!

I will keep the situation under my radar, but for now everything has been done perfectly.


Awesome to hear that, thank you! Glad we got them all :slight_smile:


Wowowo, did you teach the trucks magic tricks?

Easy guys, easy!

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first accident I witnessed and not as a victim (usually I provoke them, but these are details)

Are they expected to behave in this way?
I like it.
A touch of unpredictability is always welcome!

I especially liked how the taxi just consciously turned against the red car, as if it had learned from me that it’s OK to have accidents! It didn’t even try to brake!

Good AI!
I am so proud!

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Hi my friend!

The first issue with magic trucks, is on purpose. We don’t want the cars to drive into the unfinished part of the city. The despawning will be removed once the area is complete :slight_smile:

The second issue (crash) is definitely a bug, nice catch!

Will have it fixed in Beta 2.

Thanks for keeping an eye on traffic!


It’s always nice to write with you, how are you doing?

For the magic trick, okok. That makes sense.
I was just scared because of it being so close to the player! I’m curious to see the new districts coming out and therefore the expansion of the various integrated systems!

As for the second report, the car accident!
Are you sure you want to remove them?

I’m sure I’m making some enemies by making this statement but … every now and then an accident happens. In real life, as well as in a game, it is “relative” to the situation itself. Isn’t it?

This might give other ideas, like … tow trucks, ambulances or police cars that just for show could appear near NPG accident zones … just to create the environment. I’m not sure how many accidents there are in New York, in Rome I can tell you that there are also too many ahaha

Of course I leave the decisions to you, it was so … to throw out an idea! :smiley:
Thank you for replying so promptly and kindly!

Have a nice day!!!

For the specific case you reported, the AI vehicle wasn’t able to detect the traffic light, which is why he ran the red light :smiley:

It would be cool with random accidents for sure, but it’s very hard to avoid it making big jams which would make the player become stuck :frowning: But definitely something we want to look into after release, when we’re not as busy :crossed_fingers:

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Mad Porsche

Parking Overlap

(this has nothing to do with drivers or ai, but parking is not possible on this street)

No Parking Zone

The last one is a pretty old issue already, but not fixed yet:

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got it, thanks!

I feel like I’m the only one finding anomalies in traffic.
No one has added anything.

I’m starting to have doubts that there is something wrong with me or my game build.

It’s not you, the issues definitely exist and will be fixed. We’re just happy you report them :slight_smile:

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New Day. You wake up. You eat. You get ready to go to work and then …
Ok, I’m not taking the porsche today …

Hi, as always the traffic warden is ready!

After seeing this I waited a 10-15 minutes around town, running errands. The truck was still stuck with the red car when I returned (reloading the save all disappeared).

Good morning Jhovgaard,

I haven’t written for a long time, have you missed me? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have noticed how the traffic is flowing much smoother after a few weeks away from the platform. Still some imperfections, I can’t say otherwise, but you and your team have done an excellent job.

I haven’t noticed as many crashes as in previous “betas”, maybe a few slowdowns somewhere and a few cars changing lanes every now and then in a very suspicious and unexpected way, but it’s New York after all.

I only noticed one problem in the new save, with the traffic:
An NPC car closed in on a truck in a “dry” turn (I don’t know how to put that in understandable terms. By ‘dry’ I mean very tight … The translator sometimes doesn’t help haha), thus creating a gigantic queue (I solved it in a few seconds).
For the rest , great job!