Price satisfaction limited to product range satisfaction

I have opened a new gift shop with only cheap gifts (following the tutorial again), and the pricing satisfaction bar is equal to the product range bar. Modifying the item pricing doesn’t seem to affect it (only tried lowering the price, not increasing it). This makes the player doubly affected from a lack of selection.

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I noticed the same thing, but after interviewing everyone, I noticed they were 90% upper class, so I wondered if the upper class didn’t care enough about the low cost to gain any additional satisfaction from a lower price

Although, I’m not sure if the game’s logic considers that yet.

I don’t think that’s the case, since as soon as I added sodas for sale, the price satisfaction rose up to be equal to the product range again

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Ok, so I tough (or is it thought? whichever…) about it while coming back from work, and I believe I know why this is happening.

So, the pricing satisfaction is based on the sale price of an item, and the average sale price of said item. But what happens if a product is not being sold? It is not listed under the pricing and inventory tab.

I believe the game will default these values to 0. As such, it makes the price satisfaction for that item 0%. So, if a store can have 3 items for sale, such as with the gift store, assuming you’re at 100% satisfaction for 2 of them and not selling the third, it will average the satisfaction to 66%, which is the same as product range satisfaction. This means that selling only a partial stock of possible items will make it impossible to reach 100% price satisfaction, even by putting everything at $0.

On a side note, I believe the pricing satisfaction should be tweaked a bit. Having the average price will result automatically in a 100% satisfaction, meaning that any price lower than average is pointless. In my opinion, 50% satisfaction should be the average price. 75% price could be 100% satisfaction, and 150% price could be 0% satisfaction, or something like that.

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Hmm, that does make sense. I guess we would need the devs to weigh in on what is actually driving these calculations, but your observations make sense.

But I completely agree that reducing the price to be “on sale” doesn’t seem to increase satisfaction the way I expected.

I have created an issue on Github:

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Alright, price and range were strongly connected. That’ll be fixed in the next version, thank you for reporting it!

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