Preset Templates for Stores

Loving the game, I do have one suggestion that might have been mentioned already.

Creating a large store from nothing can be tremendously time consuming. I understand the immersion of having to order the stuff and set it all up; but I think preset templates for different business would be great.

On the point of immersion though, maybe an option to have contractors set up your store. Could take a few in game days and cost a whole lot more. I do doubt my CEO with 100mil net worth would be doing all this work himself at this point. :slight_smile:



Good idea! Early Access 0.3 will be brining “Interior/order blueprints” which should have some form of what you’re talking about!

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wish to have in sooner
its so boring redesigning 75m shop more than 5 times
like an ability to design a store type one time and can use that custom blueprint for other shops in same size or type

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