Practical things I would love to see added to this awesome game.

  1. The ability to have the larger hand truck at any location. Eight is greater than four and it can be extremely monotonous moving only four boxes at a time.
  2. Pack/Unpack all option. The ability to select items to unpack would help speed up the process when starting new businesses or buying a new place to live.
  3. A system that will group store stock shelves by item. It can be very tedious going from shelf to shelf looking for an item. I think a system that allows you to sort what item stock you want would help alot.
  4. The stock should auto consolidate all leftover stock into one box. Too many times I see x6 wine and then x4 wine on the same shelf. Combine them.
  5. Hiring a real time stocker as a position. Just wishful thinking. But it would be awesome to designate personnel to stock my 24HR New Navy Megastore on the fly.
  6. Add 2 more gas stations/repair locations.
  7. Mobile Mechanic/Road service.
  8. Better ability to create business signs and logos via upload. It really should be much simpler, someday , I hope.
  9. Better controller support.
  10. The ability to truly customize in game music which includes removing all the in game tracks if I want. Inclusion of more audio formats.
  11. Lastly, I would love to actually lock the music volume to what I suggested in the options menu.

Again, this game is awesome. This is just a list of things I would love to see happen. Thanks


These are some good quality of life updates. I hope they get added. i do think allot of them are already on the devs mind though :slight_smile: They have Big ambitions with this game hehe.