Please add "Point of Sale Manager

Hello. Please add an employee “Point of Sale Manager”, on whom you can hang the functions of local delivery and HR without involving the central office. It will be interesting when there is a table with a computer and an employee in the utility room. More room for imagination and convenient for the first period, when there are not many points of sale. In addition, you can arrange delivery from the store by assigning a car and a courier to it. The local manager can only make out from the store, and the manager in the office can do it directly from the warehouse. Thank you in advance.

In case you didn’t know, you are already able to manage deliveries to a store without the HQ setup.

Make sure you have storage shelves at your retail store, then go talk to the person sitting at the desk at the wholesalers. You set up a delivery contract for your store that you can manage from within the “Bizman” page on the “Deliveries” tab. The deliveries will be delivered directly to your store’s shelves.

I know that. But it’s more logical and interesting this way. In addition, a logistics specialist is still needed for delivery from the warehouse.

In addition, a logistics specialist is still needed for delivery from the warehouse.

To import/export from your own warehouse with a headquarters, yes that is correct that you need a purchasing agent (which is your point of sales manager) and a logistics manager.

But it seemed you were asking being able to do it without using the headquarters/central office. In the early game, you are already able to get deliveries from the wholesaler without needing any HQ people.

The logic is this: initially you drive yourself, then you hire a director, you conclude a supply contract, which is supervised by the director, you hang HR functions on him. From this point on, the point becomes self-sufficient. Subsequently, you can transfer the functions to the office or leave them as they are. Having a manager in the store looks quite logical. More employees will make the point of sale more natural. I would do more professions in general. In addition to the cashier and cleaner directly, you can add consultants, movers, merchandisers and the like. This greatly diversifies the gameplay. Sorry, I’m writing through a translator, it’s difficult to describe the whole idea.

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I see what you’re saying - the actual management of a business’ personnel is not that involved, currently. Adding to your point, every retail store uses the same generic “customer service” person that can be assigned to any type of store.

You’re wanting a more involved set up for each particular store, where you have to assign specific roles to each aspect of running each store. That would certainly make each type of store much more unique from each other!

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A small addition: it is desirable to make employees interchangeable as it is done with cashiers /cleaners. Let’s say he finished his shift, put the goods on the shelves or vice versa. In a small store, such a scheme will work, in a large one, the presence of individual employees is already mandatory. In the characteristics of employees, add that you may not like the cleaning / loading / placement of goods.

After seeing the HR manager added in the latest beta, I think adding a store manager role is essential.
currently I have more than 100 staff, which means I need to have about 5 HR managers at the headquarter, which is a lot!
if we could have a store manager who controls hiring and scheduling employees at that particular store, then we can assign HR managers to manage the store manager instead of everyone.

this creates a hierarchy of the company and it makes more sense. currently you have to manually hire staff once they retire, resign etc. if you could give that power to store managers, as a CEO, your job will focus more on the Marco level of the business.

hope it makes sense


If 5 HR managers is “a lot”, wouldn’t it be even worse to add even more people? For instance, in my current run, I have 250 employees and 21 businesses. This means I need 10 HR. But you’re suggesting that you would need 21 store managers instead.

It’s an interesting idea, but it seems like it would actually add more costs and micromanagement for the player, rather than taking it away. You still would have to manually hire the store managers and the only task they would take is occasionally hiring someone that resigned. All while you’re paying these people constantly.

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this is a valid point, but actually that is to some extent the reality, isn’t it? when we look at businesses, there are limited number of HR at the HQ and most everyday micro management are done at the store level. If you have 10 HR at the HQ, that means you need 10 desks, 10 chairs and 10 PCs. if you could ask one HR manager to control let’s say 8 store managers (like the one we see in the startup company game), then you can reduce a lot of cost. Surely HR manager is more costly than a store manager, isn’t it?

Anyway, the initial idea of having a store manager to free the player from too much micro management once the business becomes bigger and bigger. But it is for sure subject to gamers’ preferences.


Very true, I was just replying to your comment that 5 was already “a lot”. :smiley:

If you have 10 HR at the HQ, that means you need 10 desks, 10 chairs and 10 PCs. if you could ask one HR manager to control let’s say 8 store managers (like the one we see in the startup company game), then you can reduce a lot of cost. Surely HR manager is more costly than a store manager, isn’t it?

Taking that example - I have 21 business, so 21 store managers. If each HR handles 8 “Managers” (like Startup company), I would need 21 managers and 3 HR to replace my current 10 HR. You are correct that I would save the one-time cost of 7 desks, but I would be paying perpetual salaries on 14 additional employees.

However, even if they cost more, it could be worth it if they add a lot to the gameplay. So, what micromanagement would these managers actually reduce? I saw “hiring employees that resign”, but what are some other things that would be reduced?

good thinking Dave. But realistically, store manager is a type of senior shop-floor employee, so their salary can not be as expensive as executives at the HQ. and when we have that scale of economy, we need to compromise some additional cost to have better hands-off.

so what can be done by store managers? hmmm what I can say for now is auto hiring, auto schedule (to meet individual demand), auto salary increase (in the future I think they will introduce the concept o inflation???), and auto marketing. or we can a marketing executive at the HQ.

how do you think? have I convinced you a little bit ?


Store managers do make sense logically, but I’m not sure it would reduce micromanagement - it just shifts things around. Still could be a cool idea, though.

For something like a Marketing Manager, that could be useful if things get much more dynamic. For instance, marketing is very static right now, so once you reach 100%, you just set those ads to “auto-renew” and you never have to think about marketing again. However, if things get more dynamic (such as some suggestions I made in another post: Traffic/Marketing/Promotion), having a Marketing Manager would be nice.

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I completely agree with the marketing re-modelling post you made the other day.

There is one mobile game called Coffee inc on IOS. they have some quite interesting features of marketing + HR + investment (seed fund opportunities etc).

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A good idea. The regional director is sitting in the office and he controls only the store managers, and they are already locally engaged in the store. But it is worth leaving the possibility of appointing employees directly to the regional director, so that players have the opportunity to choose a game strategy.