Playable Office/Non-Retail Businesses

Playable Office/Non-Retail Businesses:

  • Potential for Playable Versions of some of the already existing office-based businesses: Banks, Recruiting Agencies, Marketing Agencies, etc.

  • Potentially expand Office Based Businesses to include ability to perform service contracts not just hourly billing.

  • Agriculture: Indoor and/or Rooftop Microfarm (in New York), if developers create areas outside New York maybe actual Farms (Possible DLC)

  • Natural Resources: Timber, Mining and Oil/Gas if developers create areas outside New York (Possible DLC)

  • Information/Technology:

    • Publishing: Book, Newspaper/Magazine (Editors, Writers, etc.)

    • Broadcast Studio: TV/Youtube, Radio/Podcast

    • Software and/or Internet Companies (Developers, etc.)

  • Financial Service Firms:

    • Banks: Deposit Gathering and Loan Origination/Servicing (Banker/Loan Officer, etc.)

    • Insurance: Underwriting Insurance Policies, Servicing Insurance Claims, and Investing Insurance Float in Bonds (Insurance Brokers, etc.)

    • Investment Fund Management Firm: Operate Retail Mutual Funds or Private Hedge Funds (Portfolio Managers)

    • Personal Financial Advisors: Help Wealthy People Manage their investments for a percentage fee (~1%) of the Assets under Management (AUM)

  • Service Firms:

    • Construction Firm: General Contractors & Skilled Trades (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, etc.)

    • Real Estate Property Management Firms & Brokers

    • Audit/Accounting & Tax Firms (Similar to Law Firm)

    • Architecture/Engineering Consultant (Similar to Law Firm)

    • IT Consultant (Similar to Law Firm)

    • Management Consultant (Similar to Law Firm)

    • Janitorial Service (Similar to Law Firm)

    • Security Guard Service (Similar to Law Firm)

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